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Pnmindex User Manual(0)                                Pnmindex User Manual(0)

       pnmindex - build a visual index of a bunch of PNM images








       pnmfile ...

       You  can  use the minimum unique abbreviation of the options.  You can use two hyphens instead of one.  You can
       separate an option name from its value with white space instead of an equals sign.

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pnmindex creates an index image containing thumbnail (small) versions of a  bunch  of  PNM  files  you  supply.
       (Akin to a photographic 'contact sheet.'

       pnmindex labels each thumbnail and, optionally, contains a title.

       If you just want to concatenate some images together in a grid, use pamundice for that.

       If you want to take apart the image you generated with pnmindex, use pamdice or pamcut.

              The  size  of  each  thumbnail.   The  image is scaled to fit maximally inside a N x N pixel box without
              changing its aspect ratio.  Default is 100.

              The number of thumbnails in each row.  Default is 6.

              The maximum number of colors allowed in the overall image.  If it would otherwise have more colors  than
              these, pnmindex quantizes the result.  The default is 256.

              However, this value is meaningless if you specify the -noquant option.

       -black This  controls the color of the padding between the images; normally it's white and the labels are black
              lettering on white background, but the -black option reverses this.

              Specifies a title top place at the top of the image.  Default is no title.

       -quant Enables quanization (to the number of colors specified by -colors).  Quantization is on by  default  but
              you can disable it with -noquant.

              See -quant.

       pamscale(1), pnmcat(1), pbmtext(1), pnmquant(1), pamcut(1), pamdice(1), pamundice(1), pnmtile(1), pnm(1)

       Copyright (C) 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.

       -title and -noquant added 2000 by John Heidemann.

netpbm documentation             1 April 2007          Pnmindex User Manual(0)