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Pamsharpness User Manual(0)                        Pamsharpness User Manual(0)

       pamsharpness - measure the sharpness of a PNM/PAM image

       pamsharpness [imagefile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pamsharpness reads a Netpbm image (PNM or PAM) and prints a number that tells how sharp it is.

       Sharpness is a measure of how suddenly (in space) colors change in the image.  pamsharpness computes the sharp-
       ness of the image as the average difference in intensity between each pixel and its 8  surrounding  pixels,  in
       each of the color components (R, G, B).

       pamsharpness  does not include the edges of the image, where there are not 8 pixels surrounding a pixel, in its

       pamsharpness assumes that the image is a PNM or PNM equivalent PAM.  If it isn't, the results are not necessar-
       ily meaningful.

       pamsharpmap(1), pammasksharpen(1), pam(1), pnm(1)

       pamsharpness  was  added  to Netpbm in Release 10.21 (March 2004).  Bryan Henderson derived it from the program
       pnmsharp by B.W. van Schooten and distributed as part of the Photopnmtools package.

netpbm documentation           07 Februrary 2004   Pamsharpness User Manual(0)