Star Trek Apocrypha: Voyager Ruined Star Trek

I guess I’ve never been a real fanatic for something. I like Anime for example, but not to the extent where I would watch just any old crap like so many Anime fanatics–that’s just a waste of my time. Likewise, I watched Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine because I actually liked them and had an appreciation for not only the overall story, but the message in each episode. I started (and finished) watching Voyager this year hoping that I would grow to like it like I did with the two previous series. I guess I found a few little nuggets of wisdom in Voyager too, but honestly it would have been better if it had never been made.

I ended up watching Voyager after I had exhausted TNG and DS9. I didn’t think Voyager was as good as either of those, but the holographic doctor was good and the episodes were interesting, up until a certain point. That’s right, I could look past the character flaws in Janeway and Chakotay; I could look past the blatant DS9 rip-off of the old “two best buddies” relationship between Kim and Paris; I could even (though just barely) look past the way they ruined some of the foundational concepts of the Q continuum and Q’s personality (saved by John de Lancie‘s acting, not the writing). Ok, I admit it, I can’t look past that one episode where Q is in a civil war (huh? forget about the metaphysics of two omniscient things actually having a conflict) and the crew is able to defeat half of Q with rifles. (No matter how logical you think your explanation of that is, I defy anyone to come up with an explanation for how humans know how to use “Q weapons.”)

I think the real turning point was when Voyager encountered the Borg and picked up 7-of-9. I don’t know where to begin: the fact that the borg are portrayed more as individual creatures instead of that scary massive machine that it was in TNG, or the fact that even after they learn 7-of-9’s real name (Annika) the crew still “comfortably” calls her 7-of-9 even though they only first met anyway. But despite the fact that the writers decided to change the panache and concept of the borg collective, there is just one thing that remains unacceptable: the existence of the Borg Queen who was destroyed in Star Trek – First Contact.

I know, because they did it in Voyager now it’s up to us to make sense of it since it must be canon. Personally, I’m more comfortable with just striking Voyager from the Star Trek record completely. The whole multiple-queens theory is simply unacceptable. I’ve read the explanations and theories put for this on Wikipedia and Memory Alpha, but none are acceptable.

First, there is absolutely no precedence for there being multiple queens before the Voyager episodes. The idea that the queen was on the cube that capture Picard has no basis as the queen is obviously one with the borg: there is no reason to assume that she was on a lone cube going to Earth at that time.

There is also no reason to think that choosing different actors to play the queen implies at all that the queen has replicants. In fact, it seems they went through great lengths to make sure that the queen looked almost exactly the same considering how little they cared about making sure Picard’s younger self looked the same in TNG and Nemesis. (See these pictures from Rascals, Tapestry, Violations, and Nemesis.) And don’t forget that in Voyager, the queen herself gives a little bit of her history about being species number 125 and how she came to be. She implied that she was unique.

So instead, can we just admit that Voyager screwed things up? Why do we have to bend over backwards to make the stuff that happened in Voyager canon when it’s so obviously erroneous? I’d like to call it Star Trek Apocrypha.

By the way, I won’t be watching Enterprise. Anything Star Trek that is so bad that it gets discontinued after Voyager was able to have a healthy life isn’t worth watching. Besides, I’ve not even seen it and I’ve already read or heard some things about it that I can’t stand. Let’s just strike Enterprise from the record too while we’re at it.

5 thoughts on “Star Trek Apocrypha: Voyager Ruined Star Trek

  1. Maybe the producers knew they were going to screw things up and that’s why it was decided that Voyager had to be thrown into a different quandrant. But little did they know, the writers would still found ways to ruin Star Trek.

  2. I get what you’re saying but Star Trek is kind of based on humans being in fascinating circumstances which leads aliens to take an interest. The borg queen came to Earth because she found Picard and found him fascinating (who wouldn’t) and she developed an interest in the human race. Also the borg crash in the past created a time paradox where the surviving borg in the arctic from the crash sent a homing beacon back home to tell them to come invade, so I guess it was their most unique invasion ever so she wanted to be around for that. We’re told the borg consciousnesses are forever in the collective even after the drone dies, so presumably the queen just grabbed a new host. And she would have all the same implants and things because she needed to do her old job. So that explains that. Also saying voyager changed the perspective on the borg is wrong… The main premise of the borg in TNG was that we knew next to nothing about them, so there was very little to change, only to add.

    It’s not trying hard to make in canon, if you pick up the pieces it really does work. But you were right about the different Picards… and on Enterprise, man that show sucked! What was with the Klingons with forehead ridges, can’t cover that one up no matter what crap you feed us about side effects from an inoculation. Please!

  3. Worse than Voyager? Is that possible?? I saw some episodes, like the one with the ancestor of Data’s creator (Another Soong played by Spinter). They were boring, but didn’t ruin anything. I never cared about the Klingon makeup change, but if you did, then it’s TNG or maybe DS9 that screwed that up, not Enterprise.

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