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UMAD_REGISTER_OUI(3)      OpenIB Programmer?s Manual      UMAD_REGISTER_OUI(3)

       umad_register_oui - register the specified class in vendor range 2 for port

       #include <infiniband/umad.h>

       int umad_register_oui(int portid, int mgmt_class, uint8_t rmpp_version, uint8_t oui[3], uint32_t method_mask[4]);

       umad_register_oui()  registers  the  specified  class in vendor range 2, the specified oui, and whether RMPP is
       being used for the port specified by the portid handle. If method_mask array is provided, the caller is  regis-
       tered  as  a  replier  (server)  for  the  methods  having  their  corresponding bit on in the method_mask.  If
       method_mask is NULL, the caller is registered as a MAD client, meaning that it can only receive replies on MADs
       that it sent (solicited MADs).

       umad_register() returns non-negative agent id number on success, and a negative value on error as follows:
        -EINVAL invalid port handle or class is not in the vendor class 2 range
        -EPERM  registration failed

       umad_register(3), umad_unregister(3)

       Hal Rosenstock <>

OpenIB                           May 17, 2007             UMAD_REGISTER_OUI(3)