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SYSTOOL(1)                                                          SYSTOOL(1)

       systool - view system device information by bus, class, and topology

       systool [options [device]]

       Calling systool without parameters will present all available bus types, device classes, and root devices.

       When  device is supplied, the information reqested by options is shown only for the specified device, otherwise
       all present devices are displayed.

       systool uses APIs provided by libsysfs to gather information.  systool runs only on Linux systems running  ker-
       nels 2.5 or later, with the sysfs filesystem mounted.

       -a     Show attributes of the requested resource

       -b bus Show information for a specific bus

       -c class
              Show information for a specific class

       -d     Show only devices

       -h     Show usage

       -m module_name
              Show information for a specific module

       -p     Show absolute sysfs path to the resource

       -v     Show all attributes with values

       -A attribute
              Show attribute value for the requested resource

       -D     Show only drivers

       -P     Show device's parent

       The web page of libsysfs at

       systool  was written by Ananth Mavinakayanahalli <> and Daniel Stekloff <>.

       This man page was contributed by Martin Pitt <> for the Debian GNU/Linux  system  (but  may  be
       used by others).

Martin Pitt                    October 12, 2003                     SYSTOOL(1)