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started(7)                                                          started(7)

       started - event signalling that a job is running


       The  started  event  is generated by the Upstart init(8) daemon when an instance of a job has finished starting
       and is now running.  The JOB environment variable contains the job name, and the INSTANCE environment  variable
       contains the instance name which will be empty for single-instance jobs.

       init(8)  emits  this event as an informational signal, services and tasks started or stopped by this event will
       do so in parallel with other activity.  It is typically combined with the stopping(7) event by services declar-
       ing a dependency.

       Job  configuration  files  may use the export stanza to export environment variables from their own environment
       into the started event.  See init(5) for more details.

       A service that wishes to depend on another service might use:

              start on started apache
              stop on stopping apache

       A task that must be run after another task or service has been started might use:

              start on started postgresql

       starting(7) stopping(7) stopped(7) init(5)

Upstart                           2009-07-09                        started(7)