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smiquery(1)                        SMI Tools                       smiquery(1)

       smiquery - query single information from SMI MIB modules

       smiquery [ -Vh ] [ -p module ] command name

       The  smiquery program is used to query information on a single item from an MIB module, e.g. module meta infor-
       mation or a single type definition.

       -V, --version
              Show the smiquery version and exit.

       -h, --help
              Show a help text and exit. The help text lists all available commands.

       -p module, --preload module
              Preload the module module before reading the main module. This may be helpful if an incomplete main mod-
              ule misses to import some definitions.

       command name
              This  specifies  the  kind of information to retrieve (module, imports, revisions, node, parent, compli-
              ance, index, members, children, type, or macro) and the item to retrieve.

       The module in question is searched along a path, which is initialized by the SMIPATH environment variable or by
       /usr/share/mibs if SMIPATH is not set. Files with a .sming extension are expected to be (old-style!) SMIng mod-
       ule files. Files with a .my or without any extension are expected to be SMIv1/v2 module files.

       This example queries for information on the node ifNumber defined in the module IF-MIB.

         $ smiquery node IF-MIB::ifNumber
              MibNode: IF-MIB::ifNumber
              Type: Integer32
          Declaration: OBJECT-TYPE
             NodeKind: scalar
            Access: read-only
            Status: current
          Description: The number of network interfaces (regardless of their
                 current state) present on this system.

       The libsmi(3) project is documented at

       (C) 1999-2004 F. Strauss, TU Braunschweig, Germany <>

IBR                             August 10, 2004                    smiquery(1)