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PPPOE-CONNECT(8)                                              PPPOE-CONNECT(8)

       pppoe-connect - Shell script to manage a PPPoE link

       pppoe-connect [config_file]

       pppoe-connect interface user [config_file]

       pppoe-connect  is  a  shell  script which manages a PPPoE connection using the Roaring Penguin user-space PPPoE
       client.  If you omit config_file, the default file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0 is used.   If  you
       supply  interface  and user, then they override the Ethernet interface and user-name settings in the configura-
       tion file.

       Note that normally, you should not invoke pppoe-connect directly.  Instead, use pppoe-start  to  bring  up  the
       PPPoE connection.

       pppoe-connect  first reads a configuration file.  It then brings up a PPPoE connection.  If the connection ever
       drops, a message is logged to syslog, and pppoe-connect re-establishes the connection.  In addition, each  time
       the connection is dropped or cannot be established, pppoe-connect executes the script /etc/ppp/pppoe-lost if it
       exists and is executable.

       The shell script pppoe-stop causes pppoe-connect to break out of its loop, bring the connection down, and exit.

       pppoe-connect uses the following shell variables from the configuration file:

       ETH    The Ethernet interface connected to the DSL modem (for example, eth0).

       USER   The PPPoE user-id (for example,

              A  file in which to write the process-ID of the pppoe-connect process (for example, /var/run/
              Two additional files ($PIDFILE.pppd and $PIDFILE.pppoe) hold the process-ID's of the pppd and pppoe pro-
              cesses, respectively.

       By  using  different configuration files with different PIDFILE settings, you can manage multiple PPPoE connec-
       tions.  Just specify the configuration file as an argument to pppoe-start and pppoe-stop.

       pppoe-connect was written by David F. Skoll <>.

       The pppoe home page is

       pppoe(8),  pppoe-start(8),  pppoe-stop(8),  pppd(8),  pppoe.conf(5),  pppoe-setup(8),  pppoe-status(8),  pppoe-
       sniff(8), pppoe-server(8), pppoe-relay(8)

4th Berkeley Distribution      21 February 2000               PPPOE-CONNECT(8)