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Ppmtomap User Manual(0)                                Ppmtomap User Manual(0)

       ppmtomap - create a map of all colors in a PPM image

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       This program exists only for backward compatibility.

       Use pnmcolormap, which replaced it in January 2002.

       One  trivial difference between ppmtomap and pnmcolormap all is that if the input is PBM or PGM, ppmtomap would
       produce PPM output, whereas pnmcolormap all produces the same kind of output as the input.  This should not  be
       very noticeable, though, as PBM and PGM images are usually usable anywhere a PPM image is.


netpbm documentation            06 January 2002        Ppmtomap User Manual(0)