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PP(1)                         NSS Security Tools                         PP(1)

       pp - Prints certificates, keys, crls, and pkcs7 files

       pp -t type [-a] [-i input] [-o output] [-u] [-w]

       This documentation is still work in progress. Please contribute to the initial review in Mozilla NSS bug

       pp pretty-prints private and public key, certificate, certificate-request, pkcs7 or crl files

       -t  type
           specify the input, one of {private-key | public-key | certificate | certificate-request | pkcs7 | crl}

           Input is in ascii encoded form (RFC1113)

       -i  inputfile
           Define an input file to use (default is stdin)

       -o  outputfile
           Define an output file to use (default is stdout)

           Use UTF-8 (default is to show non-ascii as .)

           Don't wrap long output lines

       NSS is maintained in conjunction with PKI and security-related projects through Mozilla and Fedora. The most
       closely-related project is Dogtag PKI, with a project wiki at PKI Wiki[2].

       For information specifically about NSS, the NSS project wiki is located at Mozilla NSS site[3]. The NSS site
       relates directly to NSS code changes and releases.

       Mailing lists: and

       IRC: Freenode at #dogtag-pki

       The NSS tools were written and maintained by developers with Netscape, Red Hat, Sun, Oracle, Mozilla, and

       Authors: Elio Maldonado <>, Deon Lackey <>.

       Licensed under the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You
       can obtain one at

        1. Mozilla NSS bug 836477

        2. PKI Wiki

        3. Mozilla NSS site

nss-tools                        29 July 2014                            PP(1)