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Pnmtopclxl User Manual(0)                            Pnmtopclxl User Manual(0)

       pnmtopclxl - convert a PNM image to an HP LaserJet PCL XL printer stream

       pnmtopclxl  [-dpi  N]  [-xoffs  N]  [-yoffs  N] [-center] [-duplex {vertical|horizontal}] [-format paperformat]
       [-feeder N] [-copies N] [-colorok] [-rendergray] [-jobsetup=filename] pnmfile1 pnmfile2 ...

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pnmtopclxl reads one or more PNM input streams, each containing  one  or  more  PNM  images,  and  generates  a
       sequence  of  output pages in the HP PCL-XL (formerly named PCL 6) printer control language.  You can send this
       stream to a PCL-XL printer to print the images.

       If the input is PPM, the output is a color printer stream (the PCL color space is RGB).  Otherwise, the  output
       is  grayscale  (the PCL color space is grayscale).  If you want a grayscale output from a color input, run your
       input through ppmtopgm(1).Seethe -colorok  option  for  more  information  about  choosing  between  color  and

       The  output  goes  to  Standard Output.  All of the pages go to one file, concatenated in the same order as the
       input images.

       -dpi N This option selects the resolution of the image (not the printer!).  N is the  resolution  in  dots  per
              inch, from 1 to 65535.  The default is 300.

       -xoffs N
              This  option and -yoffs determine the location on the page of the upper left corner of each image.  Note
              that the image may have built in borders tool, which would make the main image within more left and down
              that what you specify here.

              -xoffs  and  -yoffs specify the distance from the left of the page and from the top of the page, respec-
              tively, in inches, of the upper left corner of the image.  The default for each is zero.

              These options are meaningless if you specify -center.

       -yoffs N
              See -xoffs.

              This option tells pnmtopclxl to center each image on the page.  If you don't specify  this  option,  the
              position of an image on the page is determined by -xoffs and -yoffs (or their defaults).

       -duplex {vertical|horizontal}
              This  option  causes pnmtopclxl to create a printer stream that prints pages on boths sides of the sheet
              of paper.  vertical means to print them so that the left edge of both pages is on the same edge  of  the
              sheet,  while  horizontal means the more usual duplexing where the top of both pages is on the same edge
              of the sheet.

       -format paperformat
              This option selects the media (e.g. paper size) that the printer control stream specifies.   paperformat
              is one of the following self-explanatory keywords:

       ?      letter

       ?      legal

       ?      a3

       ?      a4

       ?      a5

       ?      a6

       ?      jb4

       ?      jb5

       ?      jb6

       ?      exec

       ?      ledger

       ?      b5envelope

       ?      c5envelope

       ?      com10envelope

       ?      monarchenvelope

       ?      dlenvelope

       ?      jpostcard

       ?      jdoublepostcard

              The default is "letter".

       -feeder N
              This options selects the media source (e.g. paper tray) that the printer control stream specifies.

       -copies N
              This option specifies the number of copies that the printer control stream tells the printer to print.

              This  option simply tells pnmtopclxl not to warn you if you supply a color input and therefore get color
              output.  By default, pnmtopclxl issues a warning any time it produces a color printer stream because  it
              is usually a mistake.  It's a mistake because PCL XL is mainly used for laser printers, and laser print-
              ers are mainly black and white.  If you send a color print stream to a black and white printer, it typi-
              cally  refuses  to print anything, and even if it manages to convert it to black and white and print it,
              it takes 3 times as long to transmit a color stream to the printer than to transmit the grayscale  image
              that gives the same result.

              This  option  causes pnmtopclxl to include in the output stream a command to set the RENDERMODE environ-
              ment variable to GRAYSCALE, which typically causes the printer to print in grayscale regardless  of  the
              colors in the input, and may cause it to run much faster even if the image is grayscale anyway.

              This option was new in Netpbm 10.29 (August 2005).

              This  option causes pnmtopclxl to include arbitary job setup PJL commands at the beginning of the output
              stream.  It reads them from the named file.

              pnmtopclxl does not inspect these commands in any way, but it does expect them to be job setup commands.
              If you have garbage in your file, you will hear from the printer.

              This option was new in Netpbm 10.29 (August 2005).

       ppmtolj(1), pbmtolj(1), ppmtopj(1), ppmtopjxl(1), thinkjettopbm(1), ppm(1)

       pnmtopclxl was added to Netpbm in Release 10.6 (July 2002).  It was contributed by Jochen Karrer.

netpbm documentation             20 July 2005        Pnmtopclxl User Manual(0)