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Pnmtoddif User Manual(0)                              Pnmtoddif User Manual(0)

       pnmtoddif - Convert a PNM image to DDIF format

       pnmtoddif [-resolution x y] [pnmfile [ddiffile]]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pnmtoddif takes a PNM image and converts it into a DDIF image file.

       pnmtoddif  writes  PBM  format (bitmap) data as a 1 bit DDIF, PGM format data (grayscale) as an 8 bit grayscale
       DDIF, and PPM format (color) data as an 8,8,8 bit color DDIF.  pnmtoddif writes  any  DDIF  image  file  uncom-
       pressed.  The data plane organization is interleaved by pixel.

       In addition to the number of pixels in the width and height dimension, DDIF images also carry information about
       the size that the image should have, that is, the physical space that a pixel occupies.  Netpbm images  do  not
       carry this information, hence you have to supply it externally.  The default of 78 dpi has the beneficial prop-
       erty of not causing a resize on most Digital Equipment Corporation color monitors.

       resolution x y
              The horizontal and vertical resolution of the output image in dots per inch.  Default is 78 dpi.

              The filename for the image file in pnm format.  Default is to read from Standard Input.

              The filename for the image file to be created in DDIF format.  By default, pnmtoddif writes to  Standard

       Burkhard Neidecker-Lutz, Digital Equipment Corporation, CEC Karlsruhe

netpbm documentation                 2003             Pnmtoddif User Manual(0)