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Pnmdepth User Manual(0)                                Pnmdepth User Manual(0)

       pnmdepth - change the maxval in a PNM image

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       Starting with Netpbm 10.32 (Februrary 2006), pnmdepth is obsolete.  Use pamdepth(1)instead.

       pamdepth  is  backward  compatible  with pnmdepth.  You can use the pamdepth manual for pnmdepth as long as you
       ignore features that were added after Netpbm 10.31.

       For backward compatibility, the name 'pnmdepth' continues to exist as an alias for 'pamdepth'.  But  due  to  a
       bug, that name doesn't work in Netpbm 10.32.  You have to fix the symbolic link.

netpbm documentation             06 March 2006         Pnmdepth User Manual(0)