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PERLBEOS(1)            Perl Programmers Reference Guide            PERLBEOS(1)

       README.beos - Perl version 5.8+ on BeOS

       This file contains instructions how to build Perl under BeOS and lists known problems.


       I have built and tested Perl 5.8.6 and 5.9.1 under BeOS R5 x86 net server.  I can't say anything with regard to
       PPC. Since Perl 5.8.0 had been released for BeOS BONE, I suspect, there is a good chance, that it still com-
       piles on a BONE system. The only change I've made, that affects BONE systems is the recognition of whether it
       is a BONE system or not in "hints/". Now network socket support should remain enabled on BONE systems.
       This might as well break the build, though.

       As more recent versions of autoconf require flock() support, I wrote a flock() emulation (flock_server) and
       released it on BeBits:


       If you want to build a Perl with flock() support, you have to install this package first.


       With flock() support:

               CFLAGS=-I/path/to/flock/server/headers ./configure.gnu \

       Replace "/path/to/flock/server/headers" with the path to the directory containing the "flock.h" header.

       Without flock() support:

               ./configure.gnu --prefix=/boot/home/config


       With flock() support:

               make LDLOADLIBS="-lnet -lflock"

       Without flock() support:

               make LDLOADLIBS="-lnet"

       "-lnet" is needed on net server systems only and if the compiler doesn't add it automatically (Be's R5 gcc
       does, Oliver Tappe's gcc 2.95.3 does not).


       Install all perl files:

               make install

       Create a symlink for libperl:

               cd ~/config/lib; ln -s perl5/5.8.6/BePC-beos/CORE/ .

       Replace 5.8.6 with your respective version of Perl.

       ?   Network socket support is disabled for BeOS R5 net server. I didn't dare yet to try enabling it and see
           what problems occur.

       ?   The LFS (large file support) tests ("t/op/lfs" and "xt/Fcntl/t/syslfs") are disabled as seeking beyond 2 GB
           is broken according to who was the last one checking the BeOS port and updating this file before
           me. Haven't checked this myself.

       ?   The "t/io/fflush" test fails at #6. As far as I can tell, this is caused by a bug in the BeOS pipes imple-
           mentation that occurs when starting other child processes. In the particular test case a "system("perl -e
           0")" flushes the stdout pipe of another child process.

       ?   The "ext/POSIX/t/waitpid" test fails at #1. After all child processes are gone BeOS' waitpid(-1,...)
           returns 0 instead of -1 (as it should). No idea how to fix this.

       For BeOS specifics problems feel free to mail to: Ingo Weinhold <>

       Last update: 2004-12-16

perl v5.8.8                       2006-01-07                       PERLBEOS(1)