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Pcxtoppm User Manual(0)                                Pcxtoppm User Manual(0)

       pcxtoppm - convert a PCX file into a PPM image

       pcxtoppm [-stdpalette] [-verbose] [pcxfile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pcxtoppm reads a PCX file as input and produces a PPM image as output.

       pcxtoppm recognizes the following PCX types:

       ?      Colormapped files with 2-16 colors.

              'Packed pixel' format (1, 2 or 4 bits/pixel, 1 plane) or bitplane format (1 bit/pixel, 1-4 planes).  The
              program uses a predefined standard palette if the image does not provide one.  'Does  not  provide  one'
              means the palette in the PCX header is completely black.

       ?      Colormapped files with 256 colors.

              8 bits/pixel, 1 plane, colormap at the end of the file.

       ?      24bit truecolor files.

              24bit RGB: 8 bits/pixel, 3 planes.

       ?      32bit truecolor files.

              24bit RGB + 8bit intensity: 8 bits/pixel, 4 planes.

              This  option  causes  pcxtoppm to use its predefined standard palette even if the PCX image provides its
              own.  This is meaningful only for an image in the 16 color paletted PCX format.

              The image may appear to provide its own palette but in fact be created by a  program  too  primitive  to
              understand palettes that created a random palette by accident.

       ppmtopcx(1), ppm(1)

       Copyright 1990 by Michael Davidson.

       Modified 1994 by Ingo Wilken (

netpbm documentation             19 April 2004         Pcxtoppm User Manual(0)