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Pbmtextps User Manual(0)                              Pbmtextps User Manual(0)

       pbmtextps - render text into a PBM image using a postscript interpreter

       pbmtextps [-font fontname] [-fontsize fontsize] [-resolution resolution] [-stroke strokesize] text

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pbmtextps takes a single line of text from the command line and renders it into a PBM image.  The image is of a
       single line of text; newline characters in the input have no effect.

       The image is cropped at the top and the right.  It is not cropped at the left or bottom so that the text begins
       at the same position relative to the origin.  You can use pnmcrop to crop it all the way.

       See pbmtext for a more sophisticated generator of text, but using less common font formats.  pbmtext can gener-
       ate multiple lines of text.

       The -plain common option  has no effect before Netpbm 10.42 (March 2008).  The output is always raw PBM.

       -font  By default, pbmtextps uses TimesRoman.

              You can specify the font to use with the -font option.  This is the name of any  valid  postscript  font
              which is installed on your system.

              Size of font in points.  See the -resolution option for information on how to interpret this size.

              Default is 24 points.

              Resolution  in dots per inch of distance measurements pertaining to generation of the image.  PBM images
              don't have any inherent resolution, so a distance such as "1 inch" doesn't mean anything unless you sep-
              arately specify what resolution you're talking about.  That's what this option does.

              In  particular,  the  meaning of the font size is determined by this resolution.  If the font size is 24
              points and the resolution is 150 dpi, then the font size is 50 pixels.

              Default is 150 dpi.

              Width of line to use for stroke font.  There is no default stroke width because the characters are solid
              by default.

       You  can  generate  antialiased  text  by using a larger resolution than the default and scaling the image down
       using pamscale.

       See the manual for the similar pbmtext for more advice on usage.

       pbmtextps was added to Netpbm in Release 10.0 (June 2002).

       pbmtext(1), pamcut(1), pnmcrop(1), pamcomp(1), ppmchange(1), pnmrotate(1), pamscale(1), ppmlabel(1), pbm(1)

       Copyright (C) 2002 by James McCann

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