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PANGO-QUERYMODULES(1)           [FIXME: manual]          PANGO-QUERYMODULES(1)

       pango-querymodules - Module registration utility

       pango-querymodules [module...]

       pango-querymodules collects information about loadable modules for Pango and writes it to stdout.

       If called without arguments, it looks for modules in the Pango module path.

       If called with arguments, it looks for the specified modules. The arguments may be absolute or relative paths.

       The Pango module path is specified by the key Pango/ModulesPath in the Pango config database, which is read
       from sysconfdir/pango/pangorc, ~/.pangorc and the file specified in the environment variable PANGO_RC_FILE.

       None known yet.

[FIXME: source]                   12/14/2009             PANGO-QUERYMODULES(1)