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MKDIR(1)                         User Commands                        MKDIR(1)

       mkdir - make directories

       mkdir [OPTION]... DIRECTORY...

       Create the DIRECTORY(ies), if they do not already exist.

       Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

       -m, --mode=MODE
              set file mode (as in chmod), not a=rwx - umask

       -p, --parents
              no error if existing, make parent directories as needed

       -v, --verbose
              print a message for each created directory

       -Z, --context=CTX
              set the SELinux security context of each created directory to CTX

              When  COREUTILS_CHILD_DEFAULT_ACLS  environment  variable  is  set, -p/--parents option respects default
              umask and ACLs, as it does in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 by default

       --help display this help and exit

              output version information and exit

       Written by David MacKenzie.

       Report mkdir bugs to
       GNU coreutils home page: <>;
       General help using GNU software: <>;
       Report mkdir translation bugs to <>;

       Copyright  (C)  2010  Free  Software  Foundation,  Inc.   License  GPLv3+:   GNU   GPL   version   3   or   later
       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permit-
       ted by law.


       The full documentation for mkdir is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and mkdir programs  are  prop-
       erly installed at your site, the command

              info coreutils 'mkdir invocation'

       should give you access to the complete manual.

GNU coreutils 8.4                 March 2017                          MKDIR(1)