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LDAP_CONTROLS(3)                                              LDAP_CONTROLS(3)

       ldap_control_create,   ldap_control_find,  ldap_control_dup,  ldap_controls_dup,  ldap_control_free,  ldap_con-
       trols_free - LDAP control manipulation routines

       OpenLDAP LDAP (libldap, -lldap)

       #include <ldap.h>

       int ldap_control_create(const char  *oid,  int  iscritical,  struct  berval  *value,  int  dupval,  LDAPControl

       LDAPControl *ldap_control_find( const char *oid, LDAPControl **ctrls, LDAPControl ***nextctrlp);

       LDAPControl *ldap_control_dup(LDAPControl *ctrl);

       LDAPControl **ldap_controls_dup(LDAPControl **ctrls);

       void ldap_control_free(LDAPControl *ctrl);

       void ldap_controls_free(LDAPControl **ctrls);

       These routines are used to manipulate structures used for LDAP controls.

       ldap_control_create()  creates  a  control with the specified OID using the contents of the value parameter for
       the control value, if any.  The content of value is duplicated if dupval is non-zero.  The iscritical parameter
       must  be  non-zero for a critical control. The created control is returned in the ctrlp parameter.  The routine
       returns LDAP_SUCCESS on success or some other error code on failure.  The content of value, for supported  con-
       trol  types,  can  be  prepared  using  helpers provided by this implementation of libldap, usually in the form
       ldap_create_<control name>_control_value().  Otherwise, it can be  BER-encoded  using  the  functionalities  of

       ldap_control_find() searches the NULL-terminated ctrls array for a control whose OID matches the oid parameter.
       The routine returns a pointer to the control if found, NULL otherwise.  If the parameter nextctrlp is not NULL,
       on  return it will point to the next control in the array, and can be passed to the ldap_control_find() routine
       for subsequent calls, to find further occurrences of the same control type.  The use of this function  is  dis-
       couraged;  the  recommended  way  of handling controls in responses consists in going through the array of con-
       trols, dealing with each of them in the returned order, since it could matter.

       ldap_control_dup() duplicates an individual control structure, and ldap_controls_dup() duplicates a NULL-termi-
       nated array of controls.

       ldap_control_free()  frees  an  individual  control structure, and ldap_controls_free() frees a NULL-terminated
       array of controls.

       ldap(3), ldap_error(3)

       OpenLDAP Software is developed and maintained by The  OpenLDAP  Project  <>;.   OpenLDAP
       Software is derived from University of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.4.40                   2014/09/20                  LDAP_CONTROLS(3)