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IP-LINK(8)                           Linux                          IP-LINK(8)

       ip-link - network device configuration

       ip [ OPTIONS ] link  { COMMAND | help }

       OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -s[tatistics] | -r[esolve] | -f[amily] { inet | inet6 | ipx | dnet | link } |
               -o[neline] }

       ip link add [ link DEVICE ] [ name ] NAME
               [ txqueuelen PACKETS ]
               [ address LLADDR ] [ broadcast LLADDR ]
               [ mtu MTU ]
               type TYPE [ ARGS ]

       TYPE := [ vlan | veth | vcan | dummy | ifb | macvlan | can | bridge ]

       ip link delete DEVICE type TYPE [ ARGS ]

       ip link set { DEVICE | group GROUP } { up | down | arp { on | off } |
               promisc { on | off } |
               allmulticast { on | off } |
               dynamic { on | off } |
               multicast { on | off } |
               txqueuelen PACKETS |
               name NEWNAME |
               address LLADDR | broadcast LLADDR |
               mtu MTU |
               netns PID |
               netns NETNSNAME |
               alias NAME |
               vf NUM [ mac LLADDR ] [ vlan VLANID [ qos VLAN-QOS ] ] [ rate TXRATE ] [ spoofchk { on | off } ] |
               mode LINKMODE |
               state LINKSTATE |
               master DEVICE
               nomaster  }

       ip link show [ DEVICE | group GROUP ]

   ip link add - add virtual link
       link DEVICE
              specifies the physical device to act operate on.

              NAME specifies the name of the new virtual device.

              TYPE specifies the type of the new device.

              Link types:

                      vlan - 802.1q tagged virtual LAN interface

                      veth - Virtual ethernet interface

                      vcan - Virtual Local CAN interface

                      dummy - Dummy network interface

                      ifb - Intermediate Functional Block device

                      macvlan - virtual interface base on link layer address (MAC)

                      can - Controller Area Network interface

                      bridge - Ethernet Bridge device

   ip link delete - delete virtual link
       DEVICE specifies the virtual  device to act operate on.  TYPE specifies the type of the device.

       dev DEVICE
              specifies the physical device to act operate on.

   ip link set - change device attributes
       dev DEVICE
              DEVICE specifies network device to operate on. When configuring SR-IOV Virtual Fuction (VF) devices,
              this keyword should specify the associated Physical Function (PF) device.

       group GROUP
              GROUP has a dual role: If both group and dev are present, then move the device to the specified group.
              If only a group is specified, then the command operates on all devices in that group.

       up and down
              change the state of the device to UP or DOWN.

       arp on or arp off
              change the NOARP flag on the device.

       multicast on or multicast off
              change the MULTICAST flag on the device.

       dynamic on or dynamic off
              change the DYNAMIC flag on the device.

       name NAME
              change the name of the device.  This operation is not recommended if the device is running or has some
              addresses already configured.

       txqueuelen NUMBER

       txqlen NUMBER
              change the transmit queue length of the device.

       mtu NUMBER
              change the MTU of the device.

       address LLADDRESS
              change the station address of the interface.

       broadcast LLADDRESS

       brd LLADDRESS

       peer LLADDRESS
              change the link layer broadcast address or the peer address when the interface is POINTOPOINT.

       netns PID
              move the device to the network namespace associated with the process PID.

       netns NETNSNAME
              move the device to the network namespace associated with name NETNSNAME.

       mode LINKMODE
              allows setting link mode which determines which RFC2863 operational state the device will transistion to
              when it is brought up. Setting dormant mode changes the behaviour so that device goes into DORMANT state
              instead of UP when driver is ready.

       state LINKSTATE
              allows setting the operational link state. The values (defined in RFC2863) are: UP, DOWN, TESTING,

       alias NAME
              give the device a symbolic name for easy reference.

       group GROUP
              specify the group the device belongs to.  The available groups are listed in file /etc/iproute2/group.

       vf NUM specify a Virtual Function device to be configured. The associated PF device must be specified using the
              dev parameter.

                      mac LLADDRESS - change the station address for the specified VF. The vf parameter must be speci-

                      vlan VLANID - change the assigned VLAN for the specified VF. When specified, all traffic sent
                      from the VF will be tagged with the specified VLAN ID. Incoming traffic will be filtered for the
                      specified VLAN ID, and will have all VLAN tags stripped before being passed to the VF. Setting
                      this parameter to 0 disables VLAN tagging and filtering. The vf parameter must be specified.

                      qos VLAN-QOS - assign VLAN QOS (priority) bits for the VLAN tag. When specified, all VLAN tags
                      transmitted by the VF will include the specified priority bits in the VLAN tag. If not speci-
                      fied, the value is assumed to be 0. Both the vf and vlan parameters must be specified. Setting
                      both vlan and qos as 0 disables VLAN tagging and filtering for the VF.

                      rate TXRATE - change the allowed transmit bandwidth, in Mbps, for the specified VF.  Setting
                      this parameter to 0 disables rate limiting. The vf parameter must be specified.

                      spoofchk on|off - turn packet spoof checking on or off for the specified VF.

       master DEVICE
              set master device of the device (enslave device).

              unset master device of the device (release device).

       Warning: If multiple parameter changes are requested, ip aborts immediately after any of the changes have
       failed.  This is the only case when ip can move the system to an unpredictable state.  The solution is to avoid
       changing several parameters with one ip link set call.

   ip link show - display device attributes
       dev NAME (default)
              NAME specifies the network device to show.  If this argument is omitted all devices in the default group
              are listed.

       group GROUP
              GROUP specifies what group of devices to show.

       up     only display running interfaces.

       ip link show
           Shows the state of all network interfaces on the system.

       ip link set dev ppp0 mtu 1400
           Change the MTU the ppp0 device.

       ip link add link eth0 name eth0.10 type vlan id 10
           Creates a new vlan device eth0.10 on device eth0.

       ip link delete dev eth0.10
           Removes vlan device.


       Original Manpage by Michail Litvak <>

iproute2                          20 Dec 2011                       IP-LINK(8)