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INOTAIL(1)                   Inotify enhanced tail                  INOTAIL(1)

       inotail - A fast and lightweight version of tail using inotify

       inotail [OPTION]... [FILE]...

       inotail  is  a replacement for the 'tail' program found in the base installation of every Linux/UNIX system. It
       makes use of the inotify infrastructure in recent versions of the Linux kernel to speed up tailing files in the
       follow  mode  (the  '-f' option). Standard tail polls the file every second by default while inotail listens to
       special events sent by the kernel through the inotify API to determine whether a file needs to be reread. Note:
       inotail  will  not  work on systems running a kernel without inotify. To enable inotify, please set CONFIG_INO-
       TIFY=y in your Linux kernel configuration and recompile it.

       Currently inotail is not fully compatible to neither POSIX or GNU tail but might be in the future.

       -c N, --bytes=N
              output the last N bytes. If the first character of N is a '+', begin printing  with  the  Nth  character
              from the start of each file.

       -f, --follow
              keep the file(s) open and print appended data as the file grows

       -n N, --lines=N
              output  the last N lines (default: 10) If the first character of N is a '+', begin printing with the Nth
              line from the start of each file.

       -v, --verbose
              print headers with file names

       -h, --help
              show help and exit

       -V, --version
              show inotail version and exit

       Written by Tobias Klauser <>

       tail(1), inotify(7)

                                  2006-08-13                        INOTAIL(1)