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GTESTER(1)                       User Commands                      GTESTER(1)

       gtester - test running utility

       gtester [option...] [testprogram]

       gtester is a utility to run unit tests that have been written using the GLib test framework.

       When called with the -o option, gtester writes an XML report of the test results, which can be converted into
       HTML using the gtester-report utility.

       -h, --help
           print help and exit

       -v, --version
           print version information and exit

           make warnings fatal

       -k, --keep-going
           continue running after tests failed

           list paths of available test cases

           run test cases in MODE, which can be perf, slow, thorough or quick. The default mode is quick.

           only run test cases matching TESTPATH

           run all test cases with random number seed SEEDSTRING

           write the test log to LOGFILE

       -q, --quiet
           suppress per test binary output

           report success per testcase


User Commands                     06/05/2011                        GTESTER(1)