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GJAR(1)                               GNU                              GJAR(1)

       gjar - - Archive tool for Java archives

       gjar -ctxui [OPTIONS] jar-file [-C DIR FILE] FILE...

       gjar is an implementation of Sun's jar utility that comes with the JDK.

       If any file is a directory then it is processed recursively.  The manifest file name and the archive file name
       needs to be specified in the same order the -m and -f flags are specified.

       Operation mode:

       -c  Create new archive.

       -t  List table of contents for archive.

       -x  Extract named (or all) files from archive.

       -u  Update existing archive.

       -i FILE
           Compute archive index.

       Operation modifiers:

       -f FILE
           Specify archive file name.

       -0  Store only; use no ZIP compression.

       -v  Generate verbose output on standard output.

       -M  Do not create a manifest file for the entries.

       -m manifest
           Include manifest information from specified manifest file.

       File name selection:

       -C DIR FILE
           Change to the DIR and include the following FILE.

       -@  Read the names of the files to add to the archive from stdin.  This option is supported only in combination
           with -c or -u.  Non standard option added in the GCC version.

       Standard options:

           Print help text, then exit.

           Print version number, then exit.

           Pass argument to the Java runtime.

       java(1), ...

0.98                              2012-03-13                           GJAR(1)