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GIT-REMOTE-FD(1)                  Git Manual                  GIT-REMOTE-FD(1)

       git-remote-fd - Reflect smart transport stream back to caller

       "fd::<infd>[,<outfd>][/<anything>]" (as URL)

       This helper uses specified file descriptors to connect to a remote git server. This is not meant for end users
       but for programs and scripts calling git fetch, push or archive.

       If only <infd> is given, it is assumed to be a bidirectional socket connected to remote git server
       (git-upload-pack, git-receive-pack or git-upload-achive). If both <infd> and <outfd> are given, they are
       assumed to be pipes connected to a remote git server (<infd> being the inbound pipe and <outfd> being the
       outbound pipe.

       It is assumed that any handshaking procedures have already been completed (such as sending service request for
       git://) before this helper is started.

       <anything> can be any string. It is ignored. It is meant for providing information to user in the URL in case
       that URL is displayed in some context.

           If set, prints debugging information about various reads/writes.

       git fetch fd::17 master
           Fetch master, using file descriptor #17 to communicate with git-upload-pack.

       git fetch fd::17/foo master
           Same as above.

       git push fd::7,8 master (as URL)
           Push master, using file descriptor #7 to read data from git-receive-pack and file descriptor #8 to write
           data to same service.

       git push fd::7,8/bar master
           Same as above.

       Documentation by Ilari Liusvaara and the git list <[1]>

       Part of the git(1) suite


Git                      08/29/2012                  GIT-REMOTE-FD(1)