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getfilecon(3)              SELinux API documentation             getfilecon(3)

       getfilecon, fgetfilecon, lgetfilecon - get SELinux security context of a file

       #include <selinux/selinux.h>

       int getfilecon(const char *path, security_context_t *con);

       int lgetfilecon(const char *path, security_context_t *con);

       int fgetfilecon(int fd, security_context_t *con);

       getfilecon  retrieves  the context associated with the given path in the file system, the length of the context
       is returned.

       lgetfilecon is identical to getfilecon, except in the case of a symbolic link, where the link itself is  inter-
       rogated, not the file that it refers to.

       fgetfilecon  is  identical  to getfilecon, only the open file pointed to by filedes (as returned by open(2)) is
       interrogated in place of path.

       The returned context should be freed with freecon if non-NULL.

       On success, a positive number is returned indicating the size of the extended attribute value. On  failure,  -1
       is returned and errno is  set appropriately.

       If the context does not exist, or the process has no access to this attribute, errno is set to ENODATA.

       If extended attributes are not supported by the filesystem, or are dis- abled, errno is set to ENOTSUP.

       The errors documented for the stat(2) system call are also applicable here.

       selinux(8), freecon(3), setfilecon(3), setfscreatecon(3)            1 January 2004                   getfilecon(3)