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FREE(1)                       Linux User's Manual                      FREE(1)

       free - Display amount of free and used memory in the system

       free [-b | -k | -m | -g | -h] [-o] [-s delay ] [-c count ] [-a] [-t] [-l] [-V]

       free  displays the total amount of free and used physical and swap memory in the system, as well as the buffers
       used by the kernel.  The shared memory column represents the 'Shmem' value.  The available memory column repre-
       sents the 'MemAvailable' value.

       The  -b switch displays the amount of memory in bytes; the -k switch (set by default) displays it in kilobytes;
       the -m switch displays it in megabytes; the -g switch displays it in gigabytes.

       The -h switch displays all output fields automatically scaled to  the  shortest  (three  digit)  representation
       including the unit. That makes the values human readable.

       The -t switch displays a line containing the totals.

       The  -o  switch disables the display of a "buffer adjusted" line.  If the -o option is not specified, free sub-
       tracts buffer memory from the used memory and adds it to the free memory reported.

       The -s switch activates continuous polling delay seconds apart. You may actually  specify  any  floating  point
       number for delay, usleep(3) is used for microsecond resolution delay times.

       The -c switch used together with the -s switch interrupts the polling after count repetitions.

       The -l switch shows detailed low and high memory statistics.

       The -a switch shows the available memory (if supported by the running kernel and enabled with sysctl -w vm.mem-
       info_legacy_layout=0 ; shows zero when unsupported or disabled). The produced output is wider than  80  charac-

       The -V switch displays version information.

       /proc/meminfo-- memory information

       ps(1), slabtop(1), vmstat(8), top(1)

       Written by Brian Edmonds.

       Send bug reports to <>

Cohesive Systems                 20 Mar 1993                           FREE(1)