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EPLAIN(1)                                                            EPLAIN(1)

       eplain - extended plain TeX

       eplain [ first-line ]

       This  manual  page  is  not  meant to be exhaustive.  The complete documentation for this version of TeX can be
       found in the info file or manual Web2C: A TeX implementation.

       eplain is an extension of plain TeX described in the book TeX for nroff for the Impatient.  It adds these  fea-
       tures (among others) to plain TeX:

       ?  left-justified displays

       ?  double-column output

       ?  tables of contents

       ?  \hrule and \vrule with a different default than 0.4pt

       ?  time of day

       ?  verbatim file listing

       ?  generalized footnotes

       ?  blank and black boxes

       ?  citations using BibTeX

              TeXable documentation of etex macros in texinfo format.*
              Online GNU Emacs info(1) files produced from eplain.texi.

       The  complete  eplain  distribution is available via anonymous ftp to the Internet host from the
       file pub/tex/eplain.tar.Z which is linked to another file containing the most recent version  of  the  package.
       Major TeX archive sites should also have it.

       emacs(1), info(1), initex(1), tex(1), xinfo(1).
       Karl Berry, eplain, TUGboat 11(4), 571--572, 1990.
       Paul  W.  Abrahams  with Karl Berry and Kathryn A. Hargreaves, TeX for nroff for the Impatient, Addison-Wesley,
       1990, ISBN 0-201-51375-7.

Web2C 7.5.6                    14 December 1993                      EPLAIN(1)