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elksemu(1)                                                          elksemu(1)

       elksemu - Embedded Linux Kernel Subset emulator

       /lib/elksemu program [arguments]

       Elksemu  is a program that allows 8086 ELKS programs to be run under Linux-i386. These programs can be compiled
       using the bcc(1) C compiler.

       Yom may use the binfmt-misc module under Linux 2.1.43 or greater as described in the elksemu README which  will
       cause  the  kernel  to  run  elksemu  with  the  correct  arguments  whenever the user tries to execute an ELKS
       executable directly.

       There are no flag options to elksemu, the first argument is the name  of  the  program  to  run  the  rest  are
       arguments that are passed to the Elks program.

       The  elksemu  program  may  be installed suid-root and in this event it is able to run execute only (chmod 111)
       elks executables and act correctly on the suid permission bits on any executable.  This should be considered  a
       security  hazard  so  elksemu does not have to be installed suid-root.  If you consider using this facility you
       should also be aware that it will override the 'nosuid' mount(8) option.

       bcc(1), as86(1), ld86(1)

       Elksemu is incomplete.

       The program may still have security bugs!

                                   Jan, 1997                        elksemu(1)