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ebb(1)                               teTeX                              ebb(1)

       ebb - extract a bounding box from JPEG, PNG, and PDF files

       ebb  [  -v | -b  ]  graphic_file

       ebb extracts the bounding box from JPEG, PNG, and PDF files (with lower- or uppercase extensions) and writes it
       into a file with the extension .bb, together with some header information. These files  can  then  be  used  by
       dvipdfm or other programs.

       -v : be verbose

       -b : Write .bb file in binary mode (has no effect on Linux and other systems conforming to POSIX).

       ebb was written by Mark A. Wicks.

       This  manual page was written by Frank Kuster <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.  It may be
       used and modified by others without contacting the author.  Any mistakes or omissions in the manual page are my
       fault;  inquiries  about  or  corrections  to this manual page should be directed to me (and not to the primary

teTeX                              May 2004                             ebb(1)