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DROP OWNED(7)                    SQL Commands                    DROP OWNED(7)

       DROP OWNED - remove database objects owned by a database role

       DROP OWNED BY name [, ...] [ CASCADE | RESTRICT ]

       DROP  OWNED drops all the objects within the current database that are owned by one of the specified roles. Any
       privileges granted to the given roles on objects in the current database  and  on  shared  objects  (databases,
       tablespaces) will also be revoked.

       name   The name of a role whose objects will be dropped, and whose privileges will be revoked.

              Automatically drop objects that depend on the affected objects.

              Refuse  to  drop the objects owned by a role if any other database objects depend on one of the affected
              objects. This is the default.

       DROP OWNED is often used to prepare for the removal of one or more roles. Because DROP OWNED only  affects  the
       objects in the current database, it is usually necessary to execute this command in each database that contains
       objects owned by a role that is to be removed.

       Using the CASCADE option might make the command recurse to objects owned by other users.

       The REASSIGN OWNED [reassign_owned(7)] command is an alternative  that  reassigns  the  ownership  of  all  the
       database objects owned by one or more roles.

       Databases and tablespaces owned by the role(s) will not be removed.

       The DROP OWNED statement is a PostgreSQL extension.

       REASSIGN OWNED [reassign_owned(7)], DROP ROLE [drop_role(7)]

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