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DOVEADM-PROXY(1)                    Dovecot                   DOVEADM-PROXY(1)

       doveadm-proxy - Handle Dovecot proxy connections

       doveadm [-Dv] [-f formatter] proxy command [OPTIONS] [ARGUMENTS]

       The doveadm proxy commands are used to list or kick active Dovecot proxy connections.

       Global doveadm(1) options:

       -D     Enables verbosity and debug messages.

       -f formatter
              Specifies the formatter for formatting the output.  Supported formatters are:

              flow   prints each line with key=value pairs.

              pager  prints  each key: value pair on its own line and separates records with form feed character (^L).

              tab    prints a table header followed by tab separated value lines.

              table  prints a table header followed by adjusted value lines.

       -o setting=value
              Overrides the configuration setting from /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and from the userdb  with  the  given
              value.  In order to override multiple settings, the -o option may be specified multiple times.

       -v     Enables verbosity, including progress counter.

       This command uses by default the table output formatter.

       Command specific options:

       -a ipc_socket_path
              This  option is used to specify an alternative socket.  The option's argument is either an absolute path
              to a local UNIX domain socket, or a hostname and port (hostname:port), in order to connect a remote host
              via a TCP socket.

              By  default  doveadm(1)  will use the socket /var/run/dovecot/ipc.  The socket may be located in another
              directory, when the default base_dir setting was overridden in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf.

       user   Is a user's login name.  Depending on the configuration, a  login  name  may  be  for  example  jane  or
      It's also possible to use "*" and "?" wildcards (e.g. *

   proxy kick
       doveadm proxy kick [-a ipc_socket_path] user

       Kick all the connections being proxied for the given user.

   proxy list
       doveadm proxy list [-a ipc_socket_path]

       List all the users currently being proxied.

       List all currently active proxy connections:

       doveadm proxy list
       username                    proto src ip          dest ip     port            imap 143

       Report  bugs,  including  doveconf  -n  output, to the Dovecot Mailing List <>.  Information
       about reporting bugs is available at:


Dovecot v2.2                      2014-10-07                  DOVEADM-PROXY(1)