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CTIE(1)                                                                CTIE(1)

       ctie - merge or apply CWEB change files

       ctie -c|-m outputfile masterfile changefile...

       The  CTIE  program is used to process multiple change files used with the CWEB system for literate programming.
       The CWEB programs allow one to apply patches to a source file (the masterfile) by  means  of  a  single  change
       file.   CTIE can be used to either merge up to 32 change files into a single one or to apply the changes to the
       masterfile in order to create a new master file.  Output of either the new change file or  the  patched  master
       file  goes  into outputfile.  Any include files (indicated using the CWEB @i command) are fully expanded during
       CTIE processing, which means that the change files are able to modify  the  contents  of  any  included  files.
       Also,  if this program has been compiled using the kpathsea library, then files are searched for using the CWE-
       BINPUTS environment variable, as described in the kpathsea documentation.

       -c     Create a single change file from the given changefiles.

       -m     Create a new master file by applying the given changefiles.

       cweb(1), ctiedoc.tex, tie(1), web(1).

       Julian Gilbey,  The original TIE program was by Klaus Guntermann,  TH  Darmstadt,  Institut  f.
       Theoretische Informatik.  The TIE man page was by Joachim Schnitter, TH Darmstadt, Phys. Chemie I, and was mod-
       ified for CTIE by Julian Gilbey.

                                  20/04/2003                           CTIE(1)