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convfont(1)                   Svgalib User Manual                  convfont(1)

       convfont - convert font files for svgalib

       convfont fontfile fontheight vgafontfile

       convert  the  standard  format binary fontfile name fontfile to the codepage format required by restorefont(1).
       The converted font is written to vgafontfile.

       A binary font file of any number of characters up to 256 can be used, although at least defining the first  128
       characters is a good idea. The fontheight must be in the range 1 - 32.

       The  fontfile  file  consist of fontheight bytes stored sequentially (top to bottom) for each character in your
       font, starting with the character with code 0.

       The format of vgafontfile is that required by restorefont(1) and described there.

       This utility is part of svgalib and can be found in the utils/ subdirectory of the original  svgalib  distribu-
       tion.  However,  it  is  not installed by default, s.t. it is unclear where you can find it if your svgalib was
       install linux distribution.

       In case of any such problem, simply get an svgalib distribution from the net. You don't  need  to  install  it.
       Just  make in the utils/ subdirecty. As of this writing, svgalib-1.2.12.tar.gz is the latest version and can be
       retrieved by ftp from at /pub/Linux/libs/graphics and at /pub/linux/sources/libs
       which will most probably be mirrored by a site close to you.

       svgalib(7),  vgagl(7),  libvga.config(5), dumpreg(1), fix132x43(1), restorefont(1), restorepalette(1), restore-
       textmode(1), runx(1), savetextmode(1), setmclk(1), textmode(1).

       This manual page was edited by Michael Weller <>. The exact source  of  the  refer-
       enced utility as well as of the original documentation is unknown.

       It is very likely that both are at least to some extent are due to Harm Hanemaayer <>.

       Occasionally this might be wrong. I hereby asked to be excused by the original author and will  happily  accept
       any additions or corrections to this first version of the svgalib manual.

Svgalib (>= 1.2.11)               2 Aug 1997                       convfont(1)