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SYSTEM-AUTH(5)                 Linux-PAM Manual                 SYSTEM-AUTH(5)

       config-util - Common PAM configuration file for configuration utilities


       The  purpose of this configuration file is to provide common configuration file for all configuration utilities
       which must be run from the supervisor account and use the userhelper wrapper application.

       The config-util configuration file is included from all individual configuration files of such  utilities  with
       the  help  of  the  include directive.  There are not usually any other modules in the individual configuration
       files of these utilities.

       It is possible for example to modify duration of the  validity  of  the  authentication  timestamp  there.  See
       pam_timestamp(8) for details.

       None known.

       pam(8), config-util(5), pam_timestamp(8)

Red Hat                           2006 Feb 3                    SYSTEM-AUTH(5)