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curs_overlay(3X)                                              curs_overlay(3X)

       overlay, overwrite, copywin - overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows

       #include <curses.h>

       int overlay(const WINDOW *srcwin, WINDOW *dstwin);
       int overwrite(const WINDOW *srcwin, WINDOW *dstwin);
       int copywin(const WINDOW *srcwin, WINDOW *dstwin, int sminrow,
             int smincol, int dminrow, int dmincol, int dmaxrow,
             int dmaxcol, int overlay);

       The  overlay  and overwrite routines overlay srcwin on top of dstwin.  scrwin and dstwin are not required to be
       the same size; only text where the two windows overlap is copied.  The difference is that  overlay  is  non-de-
       structive (blanks are not copied) whereas overwrite is destructive.

       The  copywin  routine provides a finer granularity of control over the overlay and overwrite routines.  Like in
       the prefresh routine, a rectangle is specified in the destination  window,  (dminrow,  dmincol)  and  (dmaxrow,
       dmaxcol),  and  the  upper-left-corner  coordinates  of the source window, (sminrow, smincol).  If the argument
       overlay is true, then copying is non-destructive, as in overlay.

       Routines that return an integer return ERR upon failure, and OK (SVr4 only specifies "an  integer  value  other
       than ERR") upon successful completion.

       X/Open  defines no error conditions.  In this implementation, copywin, overlay and overwrite return an error if
       either of the window pointers are null, or if some part of the window would be placed off-screen.

       Note that overlay and overwrite may be macros.

       The XSI Curses standard, Issue 4 describes these functions (adding the const qualifiers).  It further specifies
       their  behavior  in the presence of characters with multibyte renditions (not yet supported in this implementa-

       curses(3X), curs_pad(3X), curs_refresh(3X)

composite(1)                                                      composite(1)

       composite -  overlaps one image over another.

       composite [ options ... ] change-file base-file [ mask-file ] output-image

       The  composite  program  is  a  member  of the ImageMagick(1) suite of tools.  Use it to overlap one image over

       For more information about  the  composite  command,  point  your  browser  to  file:///usr/share/doc/ImageMag-
       ick-6.7.9/www/composite.html or

       Image Settings:
         -affine matrix       affine transform matrix
         -authenticate value  decrypt image with this password
         -blue-primary point  chromaticity blue primary point
         -channel type        apply option to select image channels
         -colorspace type     alternate image colorspace
         -comment string      annotate image with comment
         -compose operator    composite operator
         -compress type       type of pixel compression when writing the image
         -decipher filename   convert cipher pixels to plain pixels
         -define format:option
                              define one or more image format options
         -depth value         image depth
         -density geometry    horizontal and vertical density of the image
         -display server      get image or font from this X server
         -dispose method      layer disposal method
         -dither method       apply error diffusion to image
         -encipher filename   convert plain pixels to cipher pixels
         -encoding type       text encoding type
         -endian type         endianness (MSB or LSB) of the image
         -filter type         use this filter when resizing an image
         -font name           render text with this font
         -format "string"     output formatted image characteristics
         -gravity type        which direction to gravitate towards
         -green-primary point chromaticity green primary point
         -interlace type      type of image interlacing scheme
         -interpolate method  pixel color interpolation method
         -label string        assign a label to an image
         -limit type value    pixel cache resource limit
         -matte               store matte channel if the image has one
         -monitor             monitor progress
         -page geometry       size and location of an image canvas (setting)
         -pointsize value     font point size
         -quality value       JPEG/MIFF/PNG compression level
         -quiet               suppress all warning messages
         -red-primary point   chromaticity red primary point
         -regard-warnings     pay attention to warning messages
         -sampling-factor geometry
                              horizontal and vertical sampling factor
         -scene value         image scene number
         -seed value          seed a new sequence of pseudo-random numbers
         -size geometry       width and height of image
         -support factor      resize support: > 1.0 is blurry, < 1.0 is sharp
         -synchronize         synchronize image to storage device
         -taint               declare the image as modified
         -transparent-color color
                              transparent color
         -treedepth value     color tree depth
         -tile                repeat composite operation across and down image
         -units type          the units of image resolution
         -verbose             print detailed information about the image
         -virtual-pixel method
                              virtual pixel access method
         -white-point point   chromaticity white point

       Image Operators:
         -blend geometry      blend images
         -colors value        preferred number of colors in the image
         -displace geometry   shift image pixels defined by a displacement map
         -dissolve value      dissolve the two images a given percent
         -extract geometry    extract area from image
         -geometry geometry   location of the composite image
         -identify            identify the format and characteristics of the image
         -monochrome          transform image to black and white
         -negate              replace each pixel with its complementary color
         -profile filename    add ICM or IPTC information profile to image
         -quantize colorspace reduce colors in this colorspace
         -repage geometry     size and location of an image canvas (operator)
         -rotate degrees      apply Paeth rotation to the image
         -resize geometry     resize the image
         -sharpen geometry    sharpen the image
         -stegano offset      hide watermark within an image
         -stereo              combine two image to create a stereo anaglyph
         -strip               strip image of all profiles and comments
         -thumbnail geometry  create a thumbnail of the image
         -transform           affine transform image
         -type type           image type
         -unsharp geometry    sharpen the image
         -watermark geometry  percent brightness and saturation of a watermark
         -write filename      write images to this file

       Miscellaneous Options:
         -debug events        display copious debugging information
         -help                print program options
         -log format          format of debugging information
         -list type           print a list of supported option arguments
         -version             print version information

       By  default,  the image format of 'file' is determined by its magic number.  To specify a particular image for-
       mat, precede the filename with an image format name and a colon (i.e. ps:image) or specify the  image  type  as
       the filename suffix (i.e.  Specify 'file' as '-' for standard input or output.


       Copyright  (C) 1999-2012 ImageMagick Studio LLC. Additional copyrights and licenses apply to this software, see
       file:///usr/share/doc/ImageMagick-6.7.9/www/license.html or

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