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attrs(3)               Perl Programmers Reference Guide               attrs(3)

       attrs - set/get attributes of a subroutine (deprecated)

           sub foo {
               use attrs qw(locked method);

           @a = attrs::get(\&foo);

       NOTE: Use of this pragma is deprecated.  Use the syntax

           sub foo : locked method { }

       to declare attributes instead.  See also attributes.

       This pragma lets you set and get attributes for subroutines.  Setting attributes takes place at compile time;
       trying to set invalid attribute names causes a compile-time error. Calling "attrs::get" on a subroutine refer-
       ence or name returns its list of attribute names. Notice that "attrs::get" is not exported.  Valid attributes
       are as follows.

           Indicates that the invoking subroutine is a method.

           Setting this attribute is only meaningful when the subroutine or method is to be called by multiple
           threads. When set on a method subroutine (i.e. one marked with the method attribute above), perl ensures
           that any invocation of it implicitly locks its first argument before execution. When set on a non-method
           subroutine, perl ensures that a lock is taken on the subroutine itself before execution. The semantics of
           the lock are exactly those of one explicitly taken with the "lock" operator immediately after the subrou-
           tine is entered.

perl v5.8.8                       2001-09-21                          attrs(3)