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AMTU(8)                   Linux System Administration                  AMTU(8)

       amtu - Abstract Machine Test Utility (AMTU)

       amtu [-dmsinph]

       Abstract Machine Test Utility (AMTU) is an administrative utility that checks whether the underlying protection
       mechanisms of the hardware are being enforced.  These checks are a requirement of the Controlled Access Protec-
       tion Profile (CAPP) FPT_AMT.1 (see

       AMTU executes the following tests:

       * Memory
              Randomly  writes  to  areas  of  memory,  then reads the memory back to ensure the values written remain

       * Memory Separation
              Ensures that user space programs cannot read and write to areas of memory  utilized  by  items  such  as
              Video RAM and kernel code.

       * I/O Controller - Network
              Verifies  random  data transmitted is also the data received for each configured network device.  Checks
              only Ethernet and token ring devices that are configured and up.  Does not check async devices.

       * I/O Controller - Disk
              Verifies random data written to disks remains unchanged.  Only IDE and SCI controllers that are  associ-
              ated  with  mounted  file systems are checked.  Disk controllers with read-only mounted file systems are
              not checked.

       * Supervisor Mode Instructions
              Ensures that the enforcement of the property that privileged instructions should only be  in  supervisor
              mode  is  still  in  effect.   The set of privileged instructions tested to confirm this is architecture

       Options available for the amtu command are the following:

       -d     Print debug messages.

       -m     Execute Memory Test.

       -s     Execute Memory Separation Test.

       -i     Execute I/O Controller - Disk Test.

       -n     Execute I/O Controller - Network Test

       -p     Execute Supervisor Mode Instructions Test.

       -h     Print help message.

       The amtu command issues the following return codes when executed:

       -1     Failure

       0      Success.

       Report bugs to .

       Emily Ratliff, Joy Latten, and Kimberly Simon.

Linux 2.4                         2003-08-25                           AMTU(8)