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ALTER GROUP(7)                   SQL Commands                   ALTER GROUP(7)

       ALTER GROUP - change role name or membership

       ALTER GROUP groupname ADD USER username [, ... ]
       ALTER GROUP groupname DROP USER username [, ... ]

       ALTER GROUP groupname RENAME TO newname

       ALTER  GROUP  changes  the  attributes of a user group.  This is an obsolete command, though still accepted for
       backwards compatibility, because groups (and users too) have been superseded by the  more  general  concept  of

       The first two variants add users to a group or remove them from a group.  (Any role can play the part of either
       a ''user'' or a ''group'' for this purpose.) These variants are effectively equivalent to granting or  revoking
       membership  in  the  role named as the ''group''; so the preferred way to do this is to use GRANT [grant(7)] or
       REVOKE [revoke(7)].

       The third variant changes the name of the group. This is exactly equivalent to renaming  the  role  with  ALTER
       ROLE [alter_role(7)].

              The name of the group (role) to modify.

              Users  (roles)  that  are to be added to or removed from the group.  The users must already exist; ALTER
              GROUP does not create or drop users.

              The new name of the group.

       Add users to a group:

       ALTER GROUP staff ADD USER karl, john;

       Remove a user from a group:

       ALTER GROUP workers DROP USER beth;

       There is no ALTER GROUP statement in the SQL standard.

       GRANT [grant(7)], REVOKE [revoke(7)], ALTER ROLE [alter_role(7)]

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