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allneeded(1)                        TeXLive                       allneeded(1)

       allneeded - force the calculation of all fonts now needed

       allneeded [-r] files ...

       allneeded forces the calculation of all fonts that are needed to preview a set of dvi files. Just specify where
       the program should search for files on the commandline.  The fonts generation is triggered by running  dvips(1)
       over all accessible dvi-files. Therefore, the fonts are created in the resolution needed by dvips.

       If the -r flag is specified, the command dvired(1) will be used instead of dvips.

       allneeded does not recalculate existing fonts (as long as the Metafont mode does not change).

       allec(1), allcm(1), dvips(1), dvired(1).

       Thomas Esser <>

TeXLive                              11/94                        allneeded(1)