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aio_cancel           (3)  - cancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O request
aio_cancel           (3p)  - cancel an asynchronous I/O request (REALTIME)
aio_error            (3)  - get error status of asynchronous I/O operation
aio_error            (3p)  - retrieve errors status for an asynchronous I/O operation (REALTIME)
aio_fsync            (3)  - asynchronous file synchronization
aio_fsync            (3p)  - asynchronous file synchronization (REALTIME)
aio.h [aio]          (0p)  - asynchronous input and output (REALTIME)
aio_read             (3)  - asynchronous read
aio_read             (3p)  - asynchronous read from a file (REALTIME)
aio_return           (3)  - get return status of asynchronous I/O operation
aio_return           (3p)  - retrieve return status of an asynchronous I/O operation (REALTIME)
aio_suspend          (3p)  - wait for an asynchronous I/O request (REALTIME)
aio_suspend          (3)  - wait for asynchronous I/O operation or timeout
aio_write            (3)  - asynchronous write
aio_write            (3p)  - asynchronous write to a file (REALTIME)
IO::AIO              (3pm)  - Asynchronous Input/Output