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afs5log(8)               System Administrator's Manual              afs5log(8)

       afs5log - AFS token initializer

       afs5log [ [-v] [-5] [-k] [-p path] [cell[=principal] ] ] [...]

       The  afs5log  command  uses Kerberos to obtain AFS tokens for the named cells.  If no cell is named, tokens are
       obtained for the local cell.  If the principal name of the afs service for the cell is known, the cell name may
       also  be given in the form cell=principal_name.  Attempts are made to obtain Kerberos IV credentials first, and
       if that fails, afs5log will create Kerberos 5 (2b-style) tokens.

       -v     Turns on verbose mode.  afs5log will print debugging messages while it does its  work.   Use  more  than
              once to get more detail.

       -p path
              Determine which cell the specified path resides in, and obtain tokens for that cell.

       -s strategy
              Overrides  the  default  token-setting  strategy ("v4,524,2b,rxk5") with the named strategy.  Recognized
              strategy names include:
               rxk5  rxk5 (requires OpenAFS 1.6 or later)
               2b    rxkad "2b" (requires OpenAFS 1.2.8 or later)

       -5     Skip attempts to use Kerberos IV and just use 2b-style tokens, which are only supported by OpenAFS 1.2.8
              and later.

       -k     Skip  attempts to use Kerberos IV and use rxk5-style tokens, which are only supported by OpenAFS 1.6 and

       -n     Assume that, if a cell name and a realm name differ only by case, that the name  of  the  AFS  service's
              principal name doesn't include an instance.

       pam_krb5(5) krb5.conf(5)

       Probably,  but  let's  hope not.  If you find any, please file them in the bug database at against the "pam_krb5" component.

       Nalin Dahyabhai <>

Red Hat Linux                     2007/12/18                        afs5log(8)