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SOAP::Client         (3pm)  - exists purely as a superclass for client classes declared by the various SOAP::Lite transport modules
SOAP::Constants      (3pm)  - SOAP::Lite provides several variables to allows programmers and users to modify the behavior of SOAP::Lite in specific ways
SOAP::Lite           (3pm)  - Perl's Web Services Toolkit
SOAP::Lite::Packager (3pm)  - this class is an abstract class which allows for multiple types of packaging agents such as MIME and DIME
SOAP::Schema         (3pm)  - provides an umbrella for the way in which SOAP::Lite manages service description schemas
SOAP::Test           (3pm)  - Test framework for SOAP::Lite
SOAP::Transport::POP3 (3pm)  - Server side POP3 support for SOAP::Lite
SOAP::Utils          (3pm)  - a utility package for SOAP::Lite