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IPC::Run3            (3pm)  - run a subprocess with input/ouput redirection
IPC::Run             (3pm)  - system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys (Unix, Win32)
IPC::Run3::ProfArrayBuffer (3pm)  - Store profile events in RAM in an array
IPC::Run3::ProfLogger (3pm)  - write profiling data to a log file
IPC::Run3::ProfLogReader (3pm)  - read and process a ProfLogger file
IPC::Run3::ProfPP    (3pm)  - Generate reports from IPC::Run3 profiling data
IPC::Run3::ProfReporter (3pm)  - base class for handling profiling data
IPC::Run::Debug      (3pm)  - debugging routines for IPC::Run
IPC::Run::IO         (3pm)  -- I/O channels for IPC::Run
IPC::Run::Timer      (3pm)  -- Timer channels for IPC::Run
IPC::Run::Win32Helper (3pm)  - helper routines for IPC::Run on Win32 platforms
IPC::Run::Win32IO    (3pm)  - helper routines for IPC::Run on Win32 platforms
IPC::Run::Win32Pump  (3pm)  - helper processes to shovel data to/from parent, child