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dbus-binding-tool    (1)  - C language GLib bindings generation utility
error                (3)  - glibc error reporting functions
error_at_line [error] (3)  - glibc error reporting functions
error_message_count [error] (3)  - glibc error reporting functions
error_on_per_line [error] (3)  - glibc error reporting functions
error_print_progname [error] (3)  - glibc error reporting functions
Glib                 (3pm)  - Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries
Glib::BookmarkFile   (3pm)  - Parser for bookmark files
Glib::Boxed          (3pm)  - Generic wrappers for C structures
Glib::CodeGen        (3pm)  - code generation utilities for Glib-based bindings
glib-compile-schemas (1)  - GSettings schema compiler
Glib::Error          (3pm)  - Exception Objects based on GError
glib-genmarshal      (1)  - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
Glib::GenPod         (3pm)  - POD generation utilities for Glib-based modules
glib-gettextize      (1)  - gettext internationalization utility
Glib [Glib::index]   (3pm)  - API Reference Pod Index
Glib::KeyFile        (3pm)  - Parser for .ini-like files
Glib::Log            (3pm)  - A flexible logging mechanism
Glib::MainLoop       (3pm)  - An event source manager
glib-mkenums         (1)  - C language enum description generation utility
Glib::Object         (3pm)  - Bindings for GObject
Glib::Object::Subclass (3pm)  - register a perl class as a GObject class
Glib::Param::Int     (3pm)  - Paramspecs for integer types
Glib::ParseXSDoc     (3pm)  - Parse POD and XSub declarations from XS files
Glib::Signal         (3pm)  - Object customization and general purpose notification
Glib::Type           (3pm)  - Utilities for dealing with the GLib Type system
Glib::Utils          (3pm)  - Miscellaneous utility functions
Glib::version        (3pm)  - Library Versioning Utilities
gnu_get_libc_release [gnu_get_libc_version] (3)  - get glibc version and release
gnu_get_libc_version (3)  - get glibc version and release