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File::HomeDir::WindowsUser Contributed Perl DocumentaFile::HomeDir::Windows(3)

       File::HomeDir::Windows - find your home and other directories, on Windows

       This module provides Windows-specific implementations for determining common user directories.  In normal usage
       this module will always be used via File::HomeDir.

         use File::HomeDir;

         # Find directories for the current user (eg. using Windows XP Professional)
         $home    = File::HomeDir->my_home;        # C:\Documents and Settings\mylogin
         $desktop = File::HomeDir->my_desktop;     # C:\Documents and Settings\mylogin\Desktop
         $docs    = File::HomeDir->my_documents;   # C:\Documents and Settings\mylogin\My Documents
         $music   = File::HomeDir->my_music;       # C:\Documents and Settings\mylogin\My Documents\My Music
         $pics    = File::HomeDir->my_pictures;    # C:\Documents and Settings\mylogin\My Documents\My Pictures
         $videos  = File::HomeDir->my_videos;      # C:\Documents and Settings\mylogin\My Documents\My Video
         $data    = File::HomeDir->my_data;        # C:\Documents and Settings\mylogin\Local Settings\Application Data

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