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FcFreeTypeCharSet(3)                                      FcFreeTypeCharSet(3)

       FcFreeTypeCharSet - compute unicode coverage

       #include <fontconfig.h>
       #include <fcfreetype.h>

       FcCharSet * FcFreeTypeCharSet(FT_Face face);
       (FcBlanks *blanks);

       Scans a FreeType face and returns the set of encoded Unicode chars. This scans several encoding tables to build
       as complete a list as possible.  If 'blanks' is not 0, the glyphs in the font are examined and any blank glyphs
       not in 'blanks' are not placed in the returned FcCharSet.

       Fontconfig version 2.8.0

                               18 November 2009           FcFreeTypeCharSet(3)