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FcConfigFilename(3)                                        FcConfigFilename(3)

       FcConfigFilename - Find a config file

       #include <fontconfig.h>

       FcChar8 * FcConfigFilename(const FcChar8 *name);

       Given  the specified external entity name, return the associated filename.  This provides applications a way to
       convert various configuration file references into filename form.

       A null or empty name indicates that the default configuration file should be used; which file  this  references
       can be overridden with the FC_CONFIG_FILE environment variable. Next, if the name starts with ~, it refers to a
       file in the current users home directory. Otherwise if the name doesn't start with '/', it refers to a file  in
       the  default  configuration  directory; the built-in default directory can be overridden with the FC_CONFIG_DIR
       environment variable.

       Fontconfig version 2.8.0

                               18 November 2009            FcConfigFilename(3)