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DBI::Gofer::SerializerUsersContributed Perl DocDBI::Gofer::Serializer::Base(3)

       DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Base - base class for Gofer serialization

           $serializer = $serializer_class->new();

           $string = $serializer->serialize( $data );
           ($string, $deserializer_class) = $serializer->serialize( $data );

           $data = $serializer->deserialize( $string );

       DBI::Gofer::Serializer::* classes implement a very minimal subset of the Data::Serializer API.

       Gofer serializers are expected to be very fast and are not required to deal with anything other than non-
       blessed references to arrays and hashes, and plain scalars.

perl v5.8.8                       2007-10-10   DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Base(3)