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Class::MOP           (3pm)  - A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5
Class::MOP::Attribute (3pm)  - Attribute Meta Object
Class::MOP::Class    (3pm)  - Class Meta Object
Class::MOP::Class::Immutable::Trait (3pm)  - Implements immutability for metaclass objects
Class::MOP::Deprecated (3pm)  - Manages deprecation warnings for Class::MOP
Class::MOP::Instance (3pm)  - Instance Meta Object
Class::MOP::Method   (3pm)  - Method Meta Object
Class::MOP::Method::Accessor (3pm)  - Method Meta Object for accessors
Class::MOP::Method::Constructor (3pm)  - Method Meta Object for constructors
Class::MOP::Method::Generated (3pm)  - Abstract base class for generated methods
Class::MOP::Method::Inlined (3pm)  - Method base class for methods which have been inlined
Class::MOP::Method::Meta (3pm)  - Method Meta Object for meta methods
Class::MOP::Method::Overload (3pm)  - Method Meta Object for methods which implement overloading
Class::MOP::Method::Wrapped (3pm)  - Method Meta Object for methods with before/after/around modifiers
Class::MOP::MiniTrait (3pm)  - Extremely limited trait application
Class::MOP::Mixin    (3pm)  - Base class for mixin classes
Class::MOP::Mixin::AttributeCore (3pm)  - Core attributes shared by attribute metaclasses
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasAttributes (3pm)  - Methods for metaclasses which have attributes
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasMethods (3pm)  - Methods for metaclasses which have methods
Class::MOP::Mixin::HasMethods [Class::MOP::Mixin::HasAttributes] (3pm)  - Methods for metaclasses which have attributes
Class::MOP::Module   (3pm)  - Module Meta Object
Class::MOP::Object   (3pm)  - Base class for metaclasses
Class::MOP::Package  (3pm)  - Package Meta Object
metaclass            (3pm)  - a pragma for installing and using Class::MOP metaclasses
Moose::Manual::MOP   (3pm)  - The Moose (and Class::MOP) meta API
Moose::Meta::Object::Trait (3pm)  - Some overrides for Class::MOP::Object functionality