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CPAN::SQLite::State(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioCPAN::SQLite::State(3)

       CPAN::SQLite::State - get state information on the database

       This module gets information on the current state of the database and compares it to that obtained from the
       CPAN index files from CPAN::SQLite::Info and from the repositories from CPAN::SQLite::PPM. For each of the four
       tables dists, mods, auths, and ppms, two methods are used to get this information:

       * "ids"
          This method gets the ids of the relevant names, and versions, if applicable, in the table.

       * "state"
          This method compares the information in the tables obtained from the "ids" method to that from the CPAN
          indices and ppm repositories. One of three actions is then decided, which is subsequently acted upon in

          * "insert"
             If the information in the indices is not in the database, this information is marked for insertion.

          * "update"
             If the information in the database is older than that form the indices (generally, this means an older
             version), the information is marked for updating.

          * "delete"
             If the information in the database is no longer present in the indices, the information is marked for

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